Olympians Gebrselassie and Kluft donated kit to IAAF Heritage Collection

The IAAF Heritage collect donations from Olympic Champions Gebrselassie and Kluft
12 November 2018

IAAF Heritage is delighted to announce the donation from two private collectors of major World Championships and Olympic Games artefacts from the careers of two all-time athletics greats.

The competition vest and numbers of Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie, which he wore when winning his fourth IAAF World championships 10,000m gold medal, have been given by a private collector (who wishes to remain anonymous). Gebrselassie ran 27:57.27 in Seville, Spain on 24 August when beating Kenya’s Paul Tergat 27:58.56 to the 1999 world title.

Five years later at the Athens Olympic Games, Sweden’s Carolina Kluft was at the height of her powers as the world’s top heptathlete. From the private collection of Joël Velut, IAAF Heritage is exceptionally pleased to receive the uniform which Kluft wore when winning the 2004 Olympic heptathlon title. The super Swede, the three-time outdoor world champion, won in the Greek capital with 6952.

Both generous donations will be on public display for six months next year at an IAAF Heritage Exhibition in Doha, Qatar ahead of the IAAF World Athletics Championships (27 Sep to 6 Oct 2019) in the city.

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