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At Nuffin' Long we have a number of roles and positions to be filled to help you gain the nessecary experience needed to succeed in a career in journalism. If you’re just starting out on your career, Nuffin' Long TV has some of the most exciting opportunities around whether you’re a school leaver, a graduate or still studying. We perform at elite level and conduct some of the greatest interviews ever with some of the greatest men and women in sports & entertainment at all levels. 

We believe there is no better way to learn your craft then being on the job, so we do not judge what level you are at but more look at what field you would be more suited.

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Roles from social media development, marketing, written and broadcast journalism to sound engineering and video production are available. If you have any interest in these areas, please send your CV and cover letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we look forward to hearing from you and having you be a part of the greatest entertainment company that you've never heard of. 

So get ready to play your part in keeping our customers across the world entertained, excited and inspired, your work on their platforms.

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