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Possible reasons you may struggle to sleep

Possible reasons you may struggle to sleep
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Sleep is a precious thing and once it has been disrupted it can cause a lot of problems for both the body and the mind. If it is not addressed and continues it can leave a person unable to function and suffer from sleep deprivation.

Sleep is important because that is when the body rests and rejuvenates. When one is not well, sleep helps with the healing process. There are several possible reasons why one is struggling to sleep and by better understanding these reasons one can deal with the problem.

Sleep apnea

This is a sleeping disorder where one’s breathing pauses while they sleep caused by a blockage in the upper airways and you wake up suddenly several times throughout the night. This is usually caused by being overweight especially in men who snore and in women it could be because of a change in muscle tone or a narrow jaw.

Restless legs syndrome

This is an uncomfortable feeling that one gets in their legs when they are sleeping. It can be an aching pain or tingling sensation that makes one shift and move about in their sleep to try and rid themselves of that feeling. This can interrupt sleep or rest.


What we put in our bodies also affects our sleep. Some foods can cause heartburn, especially spicy food and the pain will wake you up. Overeating can leave you feeling uncomfortable and you will struggle to sleep on a full stomach, it can also lead to obesity and in turn cause sleep apnea. Too much caffeine can also leave the body still energized and this can make it very difficult to sleep. One may think that alcohol will help you sleep but it will prevent you from sleeping deeply.  

Lack of Exercise

This one can be a bit confusing because exercise gives you energy but that is good, when your body has gone through a good workout you will sleep better at night, in turn after a good night’s sleep you feel good enough to exercise. However, it’s advised to exercise during the day and not at night.


Some conditions are very painful like arthritis and this can make it difficult to sleep. When you don’t sleep well and are always tired you also feel the pain even more.


This is a condition that may lead to more sleep but not necessarily restful sleep. There is a medication that can help with depression but it can also interfere with getting a good night’s sleep.


Stress can cause a lot of problems with sleep. One cannot sleep when the mind is burdened by a lot of thoughts and things. When you find it difficult to switch off your brain from the day’s challenges then you will struggle with sleep.

Bad sleeping habits

Bad habits over time can cause problems and this is the same with sleep. When you are always staying up late and over-stimulated before sleep you will develop insomnia and this can be very difficult to kick because it means reworking your habits.

There is nothing as frustrating as not sleeping well and always being tired. There are sleeping aids one can try as well as seeing a sleep specialist. It may take time but it is possible to get back to having a good night’s sleep

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